PowerPoint Revolution!!!

02/10 - 31/10 2000

At Arteleku. Donostia.

The basic idea of the workshop, which was organised by artist Asier Pérez González, was to invent new means of producing art projects and new ways of giving access to the public.

In PowerPoint Revolution!!! we analysed different cultural productions from the Information Age, globalisation, standardisation, etc. The workshop raised ideas such as spectacle and visibility, audience and economy in order to consider and question concepts such as the dematerialisation of the art object, the place of art, its identification and its presentation; i.e. its visibility and accessibility.

consonni collaborated in the organisation of the workshop, inviting three artists, Andrea Fraser, Hinrich Sachs and Atelier van Lieshout. This marked the first of various productions consonni carried out with each of the three.